BT for Systems Integrators

Build a strategic partnership that drives growth and opportunities

We seek great companies to partner with, because together we can achieve more – and deliver more – than we can on our own. We’ll work with you to develop new products; integrate our services into your offerings; or bring our world-class global networking, managed services, and cyber security solutions to support your internal operations.

We offer a flexible approach, backed by our global BT portfolio and team, which gives us access to thousands of staff, exceptional technical capabilities, and a class-leading range of products and services.

We’ll build a close, lasting, and strategic relationship with you. Through BT, we can support your global market activities wherever you are – providing network services, data centers, cloud computing, contact centers, unified communications, collaboration, and digital security.

I am delighted to be sponsoring Accenture and BT’s collaboration, which sees us combining the power of both companies for the benefit of customers. BT’s strengths in network, infrastructure, and innovative cloud offerings married with Accenture’s significant experience in core consulting, systems integration and business process outsourcing mean we are positioned to offer truly end-to-end, business-led transformation to our customers’ businesses."
- Marty Cole, Accenture Group Chief Executive - Technology

Our vast global reach means we’re fast and responsive, and our heritage and financial strength makes us a partner you can trust. We deliver an exceptional portfolio of products and services tailored to the unique needs of US systems integrators.

We’re ready to be your partner for success

Spending cuts, reduced buyer confidence, and limited growth opportunities have taken their toll on the systems integration market. In an increasingly fluid, global market it’s getting much tougher for us all to compete, and we’re all looking to expand into new markets.

We view this as an opportunity to develop strong, strategic partnerships that grow your business, maintain share, increase profits, and deliver world-class solutions for you and your customers.

For agile systems integrators, this creates opportunities to collaborate and deliver world-class solutions to the US Federal market. We’ll help you navigate today’s uncertain market conditions by forming a strategic partnership that gives you the flexibility to quickly scale and adapt to new demands.

The breadth and depth of our portfolio gives you the agility to address your business challenges and deliver for your clients. Together, we harness our joint capabilities, leverage best-in-class technology, and better serve our clients and citizens. And as long-term partners, we gain from a link that creates new opportunities for us both.

We’re ready to be your partner for success. From providing you with the solutions you need for your day-to-day operations to unleashing the potential of a strategic, innovative partnership, we’ll work with you to support your clients and your organization.

Standing out from the crowd together

We’re confident that our unique approach to working with systems integrators lets us provide the highest possible quality of service. Our approach is different from everyone else’s for two key reasons – flexible partnerships and joint innovation.

Flexibility in partnership
Our flexible approach to partnering means that we’ll work with your current relationships to ensure your customers get the right solutions. But more than that, our creative partnership will also help maintain and increase your market share, reach new customers, and deliver a better range of products and services.

We can:

  • develop joint value propositions with you, in full strategic alliance
  • supply technology components for you to integrate into your solutions
  • or simply provide you with the technology you need for your own business.

Innovating together
We’re committed to innovation. Worldwide, BT has invested more than $7.5bn in research and development (R&D) over the last five years, aggressively developing our cyber security portfolio and adopting new business models like ‘on-demand’ pay-as-you-go services, and cloud-delivered solutions.

Our unique approach to innovation has three key characteristics: it’s applied, it’s collaborative, and it’s fast.

  • Applied innovation means developing a practical solution to a particular issue.
  • Collaborative innovation means working together: you, your partners, your user representatives, and BT Federal.
  • Fast means using an accelerated development and rapid testing process to compress cycle times and deliver benefit as quickly as we can.

We can help you apply this approach to all sorts of challenges and opportunities. We’ll work with you to produce a clearly defined solution to your business challenges.

What our customers say

Northgate Information Solutions

BT has excellent geographic reach in the UK. With Ethernet Connect we have the advantage of much larger capacity bearers, yet costs are around 25 per cent lower.”
- Richard Shaw, Principal Consultant, Northgate Information Solutions

NATSWe wanted one collaborative partner who could take national accountability for the provision and management of network services to all our sites. Only BT came close."
- David Hawken, General Manager, Engineering Service Delivery, NATS (air traffic control)

DE&S ISS, Defence Fixed Telecommunications ServiceThe partnership that we have built with BT is focused on helping us to do what we do more efficiently and more securely."
- Head of Voice Services, DE&S ISS, Defence Fixed Telecommunications Service

Global industry experience

Through our partnership with BT, we can offer you the largest, most reliable, and highest-rated global telecom services capabilities in the world. Through this relationship we can draw on more than 110,000 BT professionals around the world. Their presence brings in-depth local knowledge and expertise, not just a collection of leased lines and empty data center space operated by third parties. So wherever you want to connect to, BT and BT Federal are already there.

Together, we’ve been working in the US for more than 30 years. Our clients – including the US and other governments, NATO, and the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) – trust us to provide secure and robust networking solutions. Our vast global reach means we’re fast and responsive, and we can deliver an exceptional portfolio of products and services tailored to the unique needs of US Federal customers.

We can offer you industry sector solutions in government, health, defense, financial services, energy, retail, supply chain, life sciences, automotive, and consumer goods.

Our strategic partnership will help free you up to focus on your core strengths, meet your clients’ needs, and open up new opportunities.

We are a global company offering services in nearly 200 countries. We have the network, data center, and service operations in place around the world to support your international activities, as these regional summaries highlight.

We serve more than 500 major customers, from 22 offices, with over 3,000 people on the ground. We have five regional 24/7 service centers in Mumbai, Pune, Noida, Dalian, and Sydney. We have 44 MPLS points of presence and hybrid VPN services in 31 countries, including Ethernet in 13.

Middle East and Africa
We operate out of three hubs – Istanbul, Dubai, and Johannesburg. We have a center of excellence in satellite communications in Istanbul and a technology innovation center in Abu Dhabi. We offer Ethernet connectivity from points of presence in 21 cities and serve around 600 customers in 45 countries.

Latin America
Headquartered in Sao Paulo, we have 18 offices in the region employing more than 1,000 people. There are seven Network Operation Centers managing more than 50,000 customer connections. We have five data centers – in Bogota, Buenos Aires, Caracas, Mexico City, and Sao Paulo. We offer hybrid VPN in 37 countries, satellite access in nine, and Ethernet in five.

We employ 11,000 people across Europe and own six city fiber networks. Garner rated our product viability as outstanding in their 2013 report on Critical Capabilities for Pan-European Network Services.

Single-service model
Crucially for international systems integrators, we operate to a single customer service model worldwide.

This means reliable, consistent levels of service everywhere you operate. You'll get the same prompt, effective incident diagnosis and resolution worldwide. We give you a single point of contact for your entire infrastructure, and dedicated in-country support for local markets.

Our teams speak the local language and operate to ITILv3 standards. We use four global hubs and 22 satellite centers to provide worldwide customer service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.