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BT Advise One


The human side to adopting communications technology

BT Advise One empowers your staff to collaborate more efficiently with suppliers, customers, business associates and other employees. By enabling your communications infrastructure to work more effectively, your staff can engage in almost any kind of communication, with anyone, at any time. Our consultancy services can ease the adoption process by working closely with you to ensure you select the unified communications applications best suited to your business.

Key benefits

The professional approach to communications

BT Advise One can help you:

  • Assess your organisation's readiness for unified communications.
  • Maximise return on investment by understanding how best to approach the implementation of BT Managed UC Applications – such as voice, conferencing, email, instant messaging and presence – over your existing infrastructure.
  • Reduce costs by improving the planning and management of the entire BT Managed UC Applications adoption process, from conception to implementation.
  • Enhance your collaboration and communications infrastructure by designing, implementing and integrating your chosen services through collaboration with BT.
  • Improve your spend forecasting by implementing a BT Managed UC Applications service within agreed time scales, to budget and to your complete satisfaction.

Key features

The path to unified communications and collaboration

BT Advise One enables you to:

  • Assess your organisation's unified communications applications requirements and determine the best deployment strategy with our Quick Start service, which includes workshops and simulations to gauge the correct strategy for you.
  • Evaluate the strategic benefits of BT Managed UC Applications through our audit analysis services – part of BT Unified Communications Quick Start.
  • Improve your understanding of how BT Managed UC Applications can be integrated at your organisation with a pilot implementation of unified communications technologies.
  • Rely on our project management services throughout the entire process so you can concentrate on your core business objectives.
  • View detailed service designs that focus on your specific infrastructure, directory, platform and voice integration requirements through our design service.
  • Implement either a hosted or an on-premises managed unified communications applications service via our implementation and integration services.
  • Engage BT training and adoption services to enable your workforce to learn how to use their new communications and collaboration tools for maximum return on investment.

Detailed description

Smooth the road to convergence

BT Advise One can support your adoption of one of four BT Managed Unified Communications Applications: Cisco, IBM, Microsoft or Nortel.  

Quick start

BT UC Quick Start service delivers a focused introduction to the opportunities of UC. It includes an assessment of your organisation's readiness for unified communications and collaboration along with a planning exercise to determine the optimal deployment strategy for your organisation. Our Quick Start service can include workshops and simulations to provide an analysis of achievable organisational, individual and technological benefits.

An integral part of Quick Start is an audit analysis, which enables us to develop suitable work packages. Our audit analysis enables you to:

  • Evaluate the strategic benefits of UC to your organisation.
  • Understand how to approach the implementation of UC using your existing infrastructure.
  • Model UC against your business objectives and do a cost-benefit analysis and estimate the ROI.
  • Launch a pilot implementation of UC technologies.

Project management

Project management is crucial for the successful deployment and implementation of UC technologies. We can enhance your implementation and provide on-going training and support so you can better concentrate on your core business.
Involving project management early in the implementation stage helps ensure UC services are delivered on budget and within the agreed time frame.

Design, implementation and integration

We can customise BT Managed UC Applications so they are tailored to your specific infrastructure, directory, platform and voice integration requirements.

Our design service includes migration and upgrade planning as well as security design. We then implement and integrate the most appropriate service as either a hosted UC service or one that will be implemented at your premises. The integration element focuses on voice integration, network integration and systems integration.

User training and adoption
Training helps employees understand how UC can best be used and how it will change the way they work. In addition, we can determine how the unified UC service will affect your organisation's culture.

Technical specifications

The technical details of implementation

Our project management service includes programme and technical project management based on Projects in Controlled Environments 2 (Prince2) methodologies. Prince2 is a process-based method of project management that is used by the UK government as well as in the private sector, both in the UK and internationally.

The design phase of BT Advise One Professional Services includes end-to-end managed services based on IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) principles, a set of models and techniques for managing IT infrastructure, development and operations.

Who should buy

Is our service right for you?

Opt for BT Advise One if you want:

  • The best possible support to implement BT Managed UC Applications.
  • The right tools to embark on the road to unified communications.
  • In-depth evaluation and development of a tailored roadmap, leading to pilot implementation.
  • The benefits of our project management services that enable you to concentrate on your core business.
  • The right UC service for you that focuses on specific infrastructure, directory, platform and voice integration requirements.
  • Comprehensive employee training to achieve maximum return on your investment.

Why BT

Bring in the professionals

We want to give you a fully rounded support package to ensure that your adoption of one of our BT Managed UC Applications is smooth and successful.

Choose BT because:

  • Our customised service can provide the best support for your implementation of BT One Managed Applications.
  • We have a track record of integrating voice communications with collaboration software.
  • We recognise that adopting conferencing and collaboration services can be a culture shift for many organisations and work with you to manage this change.
  • We have industry-leading service-oriented architectural standards.
  • We can deliver a seamless service across both IT and telecommunications environments resulting in extremely high service levels.