BT Compute for SAP applications

Dynamic cloud services for SAP applications

BT Compute for SAP solutions


BT Compute for SAP® solutions.

In the digital age, you need to make the most of the cloud to be successful, fast, agile and secure. Current research shows that at least 50 per cent of IT spending will be in the cloud by 2018, and that 61 per cent of IT decision makers see cloud computing as a big opportunity to help their companies grow.

The majority of businesses wish to use this technology to optimise their infrastructure and many are already planning to move their business applications to the cloud. However, these organisations also need to assure business operations and maintain the smooth running of their critical applications when they’re there, with high availability, reliable technology, demand-based delivery and maximum security.

BT and T-Systems have come together to offer a robust, scalable, yet flexible Platform as a Service (Paas) for SAP application environments, delivering a one stop shop for all aspects of the SAP environment up to the application layer.

Together we offer an enhanced SAP user experience through delivering these services across BT’s world class, low latency network. Our intelligent network capabilities and services guarantee the right resources based on end user and business requirements.

Based on tried and tested processes, we provide fast and reliable migration for quick and easy access to new SAP releases and the implementation of SAP HANA. In addition, our end to end management and security protects your SAP business data and transactions across the organisation.

The Benefits

Agile solutions supported by the best networks.

BT Compute for SAP solutions gives you speed, cost savings and peace of mind. Speed through the fact that T-Systems’ data centres, business locations and production sites are already on the BT network and can be easily, quickly and securely connected to new cloud SAP environments. Through an integrated contract agreement and operating model we significantly reduce management costs and give you a single point of accountability for total piece of mind. When your organisation needs high performance connectivity to SAP, BT with T-Systems is the intelligent choice.


  • Solutions are flexible and scalable in terms of infrastructure, performance, and preferred operating model.
  • Reduces the complexity of the SAP application environment through highly automated standard components.
  • Acceleration capability by using Riverbed technologies.
  • Ideal resource capacity utilisation (use of IT resources as soon as you order them) based on business requirements.
  • Easy and quick deployment - low risk ‘industrialised’ migration approaches for current production workloads to the SAP service.
  • Scale up/scale down directly with business demand, no CapEx and very short provisioning lead times i.e. for project environments etc.
  • Standardised platforms globally - operating leading edge infrastructure combined with managed OS layer for stability.
  • Seamless integration for SAP operations (SAP Basis) and platform management.

Flexible financing.

  • Reduced financial risk involved in operating an SAP landscape.
  • Significant scales of economy thanks to highly standardized resource provision.
  • Invoiced based on resources reserved with short-term flex up and down capabilities.
  • Resources can be added to cover peak loads and then cancelled during slower phases.
  • Operating costs reduced by up to 30 per cent and aligned to business requirements.
  • Capital becomes available for new investments (CapEx vs. OpEx).


  • Services are in conformity with ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) and compliant with SAP best practices.
  • Embedded managed security services will assure business transition and end user profiles are properly managed.
  • European Union (EU) data residency/stringent data protection laws as services are delivered wholly from within EU if this is a requirement.
  • Delivered to a high quality services framework (T-Systems’ Zero Outage Programme).


A truly integrated ecosystem of services.

BT Compute for SAP solutions will be available to customers from early 2017 in the UK and Continental Europe.

Services available.

  • Solution manager.
  • Private cloud infrastructure.
  • SAP Basis operations.
  • Infrastructure operations.
  • Operations management.
  • Service management.
  • 24x7 service.
  • Support languages: English and German.
  • Platform: 64-bit Linux (optionally Unix, Windows).
  • Intel x86 technology.
  • Databases: Oracle, DB2, MaxDB, Sybase ASE, HANA.
  • Customer firewall.
  • WAN connectivity from T-Systems data centre to the customer’s MPLS.
  • DC Network Backbone, 9 Mbit.
  • DMZ and Internet breakout available.
  • SAP standard interfaces.



BT Compute for SAP solutions


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