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Connect your assets.

In today’s fast paced world, business models are being driven by the impact of the ‘Internet of things’ and the premise that just about anything can be connected. Connected objects – including vehicles, consumer goods and equipment – can share and transfer data, communicate and create real business value.

BT Trace is our IOT Platform and data hub that brings together data from sensors, operational assets and existing systems securely, transforming data into actionable business intelligence. The data could be from a wide variety of sources e.g. from new sensors that BT install, from your existing sensors which we connect to our network, from your ecosystem or from your operational systems. We take this information into a scalable, secure and resilient independent platform to provide true visibility and insight across organisations.

You can then concentrate on your core business by being able to manage your assets better.

The benefits

End to end asset visibility and control.

Our ability to monitor and manage objects electronically means you can fully embrace data-driven decision-making, optimise performance and processes, and improve customer experience.

Tracking – gathers data in real-time from individual devices including location, time and date to give full visibility. Reducing time spent looking for the right assets, preventing theft and fraud and bringing together engineering staff with the right equipment at the right time.

Monitoring – improves performance by providing intelligent sensing of assets, including temperature and humidity control to provide condition based maintenance, shipment monitoring and protection – and ultimately safeguards your brand and reputation.

Asset control – provides end-to-end visibility across integrated operational systems to proactively manage and consolidate your assets, inventory, and systems.

The impact is fundamental on all industries – from health and retail through to automotive, manufacturing and logistics. Whether you are managing your inventory, tracking the delivery progress of goods or monitoring environmental conditions, full visibility can help you achieve a lot more from your infrastructure than you currently do.


Connect your assets.

Availably globally.



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End-to-end asset visibility and control.

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