Field Force Automation

Field Force Automation

Optimise your organisation

BT Field Force Solutions

What’s so great about our field force automation solutions? Just ask the companies that already use them. They:

  • are 22% better at sticking to their SLAs
  • are 21% better at solving calls first-time
  • have an 18% increase in service revenues.

Real-time information between your field operative and back office business systems improves cash flow to your business and also makes sure your team are used productively.

We have many case studies showing you how our solutions have helped other organisations. This success is built on our belief in using experienced practitioners with unrivalled experience in transforming large field service organisations including our own field force of over 30,000 employees.

We operate as a best-in-class field service operation. We use a continuous improvement approach to business operations and achieve up to 8 per cent more work orders per day and are 2.5 per cent more profitable than companies that have yet to make these changes.

We can optimise your service operation by transforming your mobile, vehicle and field services to world-class standards. Some of the services we provide include:

BT Field Force Tracking and Telemetry: a fully scalable platform suitable for any fleet size or number of assets. It uses real-time, location-based information to improve distribution, supply-chain logistics and field service management operations. All this helps you deliver outstanding customer service whilst controlling the costs of your business operation.

Our managed mobile application platform: enables your business to automate and mobilise processes and applications without significant capital outlay. This includes mobilisation of simple paper-based forms and processes through to the most complex service workflows task scheduling. We provide you with the capability to integrate your existing back-office systems with the mobilisation platform and effectively extend your enterprise applications out to your mobile employees.

We can optimise your operation at a managed risk level by using our experienced project managers and solution specialists. Our projects are managed from inception through to in-life by a single dedicated team so that our people really get to know your people.

We bring you the best technology to help future-proof your investment and maximise your protection.

All of this is backed up by our own in–life support team providing:

  • a first-line support service to your employees
  • UK-based technical specialists directly employed by us
  • remote diagnostics technology and root cause analysis to resolve over 80 per cent of queries at first contact
  • second line problem trouble-shooting, such as hardware, software or network issues
  • next day delivery service including collection and return of the faulty device, where device swap out is required to handle this during the initial call.

In all, making sure your mobilised workforce stays mobile and productive.


Effective workforce and device management improves your business

  • Our Field Force Managed Devices takes care of all your mobile device requirements. So you get a fully managed, cost-effective and vendor-independent service.
  • Our Field Force Enterprise Applications offer you a set of best-in-class scheduling and dispatch applications, resource management and an application mobilisation platform. We deliver dynamic operational work allocation to your mobile workforce. Optimised work schedules can be dispatched to engineers and delivery teams in real-time via any mobile platform. Highly configurable, the system can be easily, quickly and dynamically adjusted to maintain the balance between delivering quality of service and minimising your service delivery costs.
  • Our Field Force Tracking and Telemetry offers you managed services that can encompass tracking, telemetry and navigation for all your mobile assets. Web-based applications enables alarms and reports to be accessed easily across single-site, multiple-site and wide-area environments, while reporting and alerts can be tailored to meet your individual requirements.
  • Field Force Automation to manage work schedules and rosters and make sure your resources and skills are where they need to be. It also lets your teams in the field tell you about stock levels, order parts and consumables, meaningno more duplicated jobs and less wasted time.

How we can help

We’ve reaped the benefits too

Managing your mobile workforce, scheduling, mobile device management and vehicle telemetry can be complex and costly.

We know the challenges in managing these services.

BT Field Force Enterprise Applications

BT Field Force Enterprise Applications transform your field services by offering robust enterprise applications that integrate with your existing back-end systems. This means you can deliver seamless scheduling, resource management and mobile applications to your mobile users.  Improving employee efficiency and productivity through applications that have been proven in the most demanding field service environments.

BT Field Force Managed Devices

In order to perform effectively in the field, your mobile workforce requires the right selection of mobile devices and responsive support services. BT Field Force Managed Devices provides a fully managed service for your device needs. We select, source, provision, service, manages and supports your entire mobile device estate, making sure your mobile employees stay as productive as possible.

Mobile Workforce Solutions

Use your resources better, make your organisation more productive and give customers better service.  Give your mobile teams and workers full access to the relevant business applications at the point of service and allow these to be available on the most suitable devices. You’ll cut travel miles and wasted journeys, shrink your carbon footprint and extend a duty of care to your teams. By managing jobs, teams and individuals better you’ll be able to improve business behaviours and standards to get the best out of your mobile workforce.

BT Field Force Tracking and Telemetry

Being able to manage your mobile assets and vehicle fleet is a vital part of your business. BT Field Force Tracking and Telemetry provides you with real-time, location-based information that can improve distribution, supply-chain and field service management operations. Plus, enhance your customer service capabilities through improved visibility, cost control and reliability.

The service that we get from BT is very proactive. For example, its technicians audited the patrols’ hardware and found long-standing faults on hard disks. Those problems have been eliminated, leading to improved reliability and better availability for the VIxEN units. That equates to more time spent working at the road side –improving both productivity and customer service. BT had the necessary skills and resources required for the massive task of supporting 12,000 in-vehicle devices and managing the operating environment across the whole of the UK.”
– Chris Bailey, Head of Business Systems (Roadside),The AA

BT offered us not only technical expertise but business understanding. It showed us how we could optimise results by using its people’s experience in different areas of implementation, particularly change management.”
– Csaba Mezö, Technical Director, E-ON Hungary

BT enabled unnecessary journeys to be reduced, cutting mileage down by 20 per cent and reducing cost and the company’s carbon footprint. Vehicle monitoring has enabled improved response times to emergency situations and will also help with rapid recovery of stolen vehicles.”
– Brian Olley, Work Management Programme Manager, Northumbrian Water

BT offered us a solution, not a product. It demonstrated how it had used the technology itself, and how it had helped other companies too. This was to be a high profile project - affecting the majority of our people - and we had the confidence BT had the vision and capability to ensure that the project would be a success.”
- David Garrett, Field Technology Sub-Programme Manager, Northumbrian Water

BT clearly understands our industry and took great trouble to understand the nuances of the way we work and, therefore, what we need the devices to be capable of and what levels of service we require. BT’s solution is built on leading edge, but not bleeding edge technology, so it will be robust in operation."
- Raymond Smith, IT Strategy Development Manager, Scottish Water



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