Firmware Management

Firmware Management

BT ImageControl software


BT ImageControl softwareImageControl is an advanced cable device firmware management system that enables cable operators to inventory, track and update device firmware on all the devices, manufacturers and models deployed in your network. ImageControl firmware management software provides cable operators an automated and highly scalable solution for upgrading and maintaining firmware on DOCSIS devices in the field, including cable modems, Multimedia Terminal Adapters (MTAs), digital set-top boxes and other DOCSIS device types.

ImageControl provides network discovery and inventory tracking functions to identify each device’s vendor, make, model type and version. If you’re buying customer premises equipment (CPE) at retail stores and plugging into the cable network, tracking each device’s vendor, make and version can be challenging. ImageControl streamlines the process of device discovery through scheduled and recurring discovery tasks and the application of ModelMatching™ technology to classify each discovered device by vendor, make and model. This inventory provides critical information for cable operators in identifying quantities, types, products and versions connected to your network.

Firmware upgrades can then be scheduled or performed immediately for any number of devices with a simple request. Firmware updates may also be triggered immediately upon device initialization. ImageControl enables cable operators to perform upgrades of specific vendor products, models or versions on demand or upon provisioning. By configuring which firmware versions are no longer authorized for operation on your network, you can update a non-compliant CPE on demand or even upon device provisioning using the ImageControl real time agent.

The benefits

Bringing you more visibility and control;

  • Centralized management enables a network-wide view and control of CPE inventory. Centralize device firmware images and deploy to TFTP or HTTP servers for firmware distribution.
  • Manage multiple vendors, makes and models of CPE. Define classification rules to identify vendor, make and model upon discovery.
  • Automatically discover cable modem termination system (CMTS) slots, interfaces, subnets and device attributes.
  • Stepped upgrades to perform vendor-imposed transit upgrade steps
  • Automated retry of failed upgrades with the ability to halt an upgrade to minimize device bricking.
  • Detection of newly provisioned devices enables verification of authorized firmware and upgrading if appropriate prior to the device accessing your network.
  • Granular upgrade scopes to pinpoint and streamline firmware upgrades.
  • Multi-administrator system with access controls.
  • Highly scalable system supporting the largest production cable networks.


FAQS test

What is ImageControl?
ImageControl is an advanced cable device firmware management system that enables cable operators to inventory, track and update device firmware on all the devices, manufacturers and models deployed in your network.
For what industries does ImageControl apply?
ImageControl was developed specifically for the broadband cable industry. Cable operators implementing DOCSIS® or EuroDOCSIS standards may use ImageControl to provide a centralized inventory of customer deployed cable modems and to enable upgrading or downgrading of cable modem firmware. ImageControl leverages cable industry standards to enable tracking of devices by vendor, make and model and to perform firmware updates on demand or upon provisioning.
What problems does ImageControl solve?
ImageControl enables a cable operator to identify the myriad residential devices on your network by discovering and classifying customer devices connected via cable modem termination systems (CMTSs). ImageControl’s unique ModelMatching™ technology enables automated classification of discovered devices by vendor, make, model and firmware version. Upgrades may be applied to individual modems, to all modems within a given region or CMTS, to modems of a given vendor, make and model, to all modems not currently configured with an operator-specified authorized version, and upon device provisioning. ImageControl provides firmware management controls to confirm successful upgrading and to throttle the upgrade process should issues arise.
What ROI benefits can an operator realize using ImageControl?
ImageControl provides ROI benefits from operation efficiencies and from sustained customer satisfaction. ImageControl streamlines the otherwise tedious process of discovering and categorizing each customer cable device for inventory tracking and for performing controlled firmware updates at scale. ImageControl enables centralized entry of cable device firmware updates with the ability to deploy updates to all or relevant TFTP / HTTP servers for distribution to cable modems. Customer satisfaction may be maintained by enabling scheduled firmware updates, with upgrade success confirmation, and with upgrade controls to prevent ‘bricking’ of cable devices upon upgrade.
Does ImageControl support IPv6?
Yes, ImageControl supports both IPv4 and IPv6 to enable discovery and firmware management of IPv6 capable cable modem devices.