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BT Advise Compute Infrastructure Architecture Design


The right IT infrastructure for your business strategy

We know you need a flexible IT infrastructure that fits your business strategy. It also needs to respond quickly and effectively as things change. It’s got to work well, so you can make the most of your skilled IT people. You need to make sure it doesn’t become a drain on your finances and any money you do spend on it has to show a clear return on your investment. Plus there’s more and more pressure on you to prove that your IT infrastructure brings real value to the business.

But how can you tell which IT solution will fit with your business strategy? How do you take advantage of the latest technologies (and spend less time and effort managing them) without disrupting service or performance? And are you worried that moving your IT will be risky?

We can help. We use techniques we’ve developed working with people just like you. We look at what you’re trying to achieve – and how your current IT infrastructure supports this – and spot any gaps. Then we design and deliver an architecture solution that meets your business needs.

When we helped a global financial institution transform its IT architecture, the project paid for itself within 12 months. We halved the overall operating costs of the IT, yet improved resilience, increased its flexibility and even reduced its carbon footprint. Pretty successful, we’d say."


We’ll help make your IT easier to run – and give you a bigger return on your investment.

We help you transform your IT infrastructure to give your business what it needs. We’ll design and create a complete IT infrastructure architecture solution that’s easier and cheaper to run. That means everything from your network, storage and data management strategies through to security and disaster recovery – even managing your IT suppliers.

Why BT Advise Compute Infrastructure Architecture Design?

  • Our infrastructure design and data management approach has been successfully solving our customers’ problems across the globe – helping them save money and get a better return on their investment.
  • We start by bringing together key business stakeholders to look at all your technology needs. This means that what we deliver is right for your business, now and in the future.
  • Our solutions are tailored to your business – and are flexible enough to cope with market changes or shifting needs.
  • Our dedicated team of experts around the world use award-winning analytics to help you get the best out of your business. And they know and understand physical and virtual IT environments, and how to get them working together.
  • We’re independent and work with a range of technology vendors, so we can offer you the best choice of suppliers.

Our approach

Our approach has three stages: discover, design and deliver

In the discover stage we find out where you are now and where you need to be in the future. We do this using a wide range of tools, assessments and workshops. We look at factors like market requirements, regulation, compliance and technology trends. We’ll also take on-board what drives your business and how you plan to grow.

Then we design a detailed technology blueprint, with an infrastructure strategy that meets all your needs. You’ll still have the flexibility to integrate several infrastructure platforms (including servers, storage, networks, infrastructure management and data management). It will also develop the best delivery model for your business, which might include private clouds or co-location.

Then we deliver. We make sure the approved design is implemented when (and how) you need it, with minimal risk and disruption to your day-to-day business. Your IT infrastructure will perform better – and cost less. There’ll be less risk of downtime, network disruption or data loss.



BT Advise Compute Infrastructure Architecture Design

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Professional services that deliver the right IT infrastructure for your business strategy