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Secure your mobile world

Work anywhere, without risking the security of your network, data and applications

In today’s connected world, you can work anywhere, anytime. Armed with smart devices, you want to access, digest, create and share information wherever you’re working. And that’s great – because it means you can be more productive. But it could pose a serious security threat if it’s not managed properly.

Without the right security measures, you could be vulnerable to serious security threats:

  • people both in and out of your company might have access to things they shouldn’t
  • your employees might be able to use your corporate network and applications on unsecure connections
  • personal and company-owned devices could go missing without protection for any corporate data they contain.

If you don’t address these problems, you could jeopardise your entire network. That could leave it open to deliberate intrusion and malicious attacks, increasing the likelihood of confidential information falling into the wrong hands, and potentially wreaking havoc on your brand’s reputation and value. And it’s more likely to happen than you might think:

  • one in ten employees claim to have lost or had their mobile work device stolen1
  • only 32% of office employees think their mobile devices can be wiped remotely1
  • almost half of employees believe that when someone leaves a business they often take valuable data with them.1

1 SOURCE: The mobile multiplier, Davis Hickman, Oct 2016


Secure corporate information on the move

With the right tools, your people can work together anywhere, keep productive and you have peace of mind around security. To achieve this, we recommend you use insight and policies that:

Secure your mobile devices - making sure they’re password protected, that you can lock and wipe remotely if they’re lost or stolen, and that you can control the apps your people use.

Secure your access - providing secure connections and authentication back into your corporate network and stopping your users from connecting to rogue wi-fi hotspots and malware sites that put your data at risk.

Secure your mobile apps - storing enterprise business apps in a dedicated app store with secure access so only your people can use them. Create new apps with built-in security and protection against data leaks.

Secure your mobile collaboration - applying policies around what your people can see, edit and share. Keep work-related content separate to personal information, and capture conversations to make sure they’re compliant.

How we can help

Security for mobile data, devices, access and applications

Be confident that your people can collaborate and work anywhere, without, without compromising the security of your corporate network, data and applications.

We’ve got a range of solutions that let you manage your mobile devices securely and remotely. And deliver enterprise apps across your organisation. These include:

  • One Mobile secure access – connect your network securely, wherever you are, whatever device you’re using.
  • One Mobile secure devices - secure and control your mobile devices, apps, content and email through a single portal.
  • One Mobile secure applications – take any existing business application or process and create a mobile version of it quickly and simply.
  • One Mobile secure data management – cut the cost of your mobile data by up to 44% and keep it secure.

You can add more users to any of our solutions whenever you like. And they all work with your existing mobile service. Simple.

We’re the partner to help you unlock new ways of collaborating. We have:

  • extensive enterprise mobility experience - we’ve helped global brands and national organisations introduce mobility solutions that improve productivity and cut operating costs.
  • understanding of the full mobility lifecycle - our portfolio covers every aspect of managing a mobile environment, from securing mobile devices to delivering a branded app store.
  • security expertise - we’re one of the largest security and business continuity practices in the world, with 2,000 security professionals globally.

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