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Contact centre optimisation

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Your customer experience optimised

Optimise Contact sharpens your operational performance and helps you deliver what customers want – excellent service, first time:

Gain invaluable insight: Identify inefficiencies, understand route causes and take action to:

  • Understand why inefficiencies occur and discover the reasons why customers call
  • Develop your offer/products in response and present solid, measurable reasons for implementing strategy change

Optimise your workforce: Ensure you have the right people with the right skill set at the right time to help customers:

  • Instantly assess the quality of agent/customer interaction, and pinpoint areas of performance which require development
  • Plan optimum staffing levels and streamline call flow
  • Empower staff to respond with confidence and answer the questions customers ask

Improve the customer experience: Reduce handling times and link customers with better-informed employees who can answer their enquiries first time:

  • Reduced queuing and personalised call back options remove the frustration of waiting
  • Better-equipped and informed agents resolve issues more quickly and deliver sharper service
  • Respond to fluctuating traffic. Manage peaks and troughs in demand without loss of customer service or increased agent headcount

Reduce costs:

  • Spend less time on dispute management with recorded calls
  • Identify and correct inefficiencies through call analytics
  • Get more value from better-trained, better-informed staff

We are vendor agnostic: We are not dependent on any one supplier. We discover, develop and deliver the right solution for you.

Opex or Capex the choice is yours: BT Optimise Contact is availablein the cloud or onsite.

  • With service from the cloud you can enjoy all the benefits of a leading workforce optimisation solution, including contact recording, workforce management, quality monitoring, speech & text analytics, and post call survey on a flexible per user per month basis.
  • If onsite is your preferred option we’ll work with you define what it is you need and the best solution to meet those needs.

The details

Whats on Offer?

Contact recording: Capture, index, and retrieve audio and screen interactions between customers and agents. Better monitor customer care standards and deal more easily with regulatory requirements and dispute management.

Quality management : Monitor and appraise customer interactions, and see where efficiencies and improvements can be made for a faster, more direct resolution.

Performance management: View role-appropriate scorecards containing the key performance indicators (KPIs) relevant to your business to ensure your contact centre and staff are performing against their goals.

eLearning: Automate and simplify training by making lessons available on the desktop and deliver them at the most opportune time. Ensure you consistently build employee skills and awareness of new regulations, processes, products and programmes.

Work force management: Get visibility into staffing, processes and workload across the contact centre. Reduce costs and enhance performance by staffing appropriately to meet current and projected workload.

Interaction Analytics: Gain insight into customer behavior, market opportunities, process issues and rising trends through speech and text analytics.

Real time interaction analytics: Identify issues in ‘real time’ within a call and recommend the next best action for the agent.

Digital signage: Intelligent visual communications solutions display real-time data and up-to-the-minute content. Enjoy 24/7 visibility of call volumes and agent performance levels. Improve employee efficiencies and enhance service levels.

Queuing solutions: Answer more calls with the same number of agents and reduce customer waiting through call back option. Smooth peaks and troughs, and balance contact centre workload for maximum efficiency.


Improve the quality of customer interaction across the globe

We operate BT Optimise Contact globally - To find out exactly what’s available in your region speak to your account manager.



BT Optimise Contact


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