Security Threat Intelligence

Security Threat Intelligence

Protect your organisation

Identify threats before they damage and disrupt your business with professional security threat intelligence.

The impact, volume and sophistication of cyber-attacks is increasing globally. Defending your organisation against increasingly sophisticated, complex, and multi stage attacks is a key challenge. Failure to adequately protect your business could lead to loss of data, revenue, brand reputation, and customer loyalty – and today, without professional security threat intelligence, your sensitive information may already be publicly exposed. 

Reduce risk, ensure your threat intelligence is professionally managed by BT.

Our service will allow you to:

  • Constantly watch, learn, predict and respond to threats to protect your business and your customers.
  • Develop a multi-dimensional defence strategy with the ability to respond in an efficient, effective manner when threat issues emerge.
  • Adopt a proactive rather than reactive stance to cyber defence by using actionable intelligence we gather for you.
  • Be well prepared with early insight of the latest emerging threats and trends occurring globally.
  • Manage your risk exposure, and prevent the negativity and costs surrounding a data breach by letting us enhance your in-house capability; working in partnership to develop your cyber defence strategy.


Effective threat intelligence improves the security of your business.

To improve the threat intelligence of your business, we recommend that you:

  • Make sure you’re aware of what threat actors are actively targeting you.
  • Focus on proactively identifying and remediating anomalies before they impact, rather than adopting a reactive approach to security.
  • Protect your organisation from the wealth of online threat actors whose pace of evolution and sophistication are increasing faster than security providers’.
  • Consider a more intelligence-directed approach to threat response.
  • Get access to intelligence sharing communities and best practice methods, to increase the flow of actionable intelligence.

How we can help

Managing your threat intelligence in-house can be complex and costly.

We know the key challenges in professionally managing threat intelligence. That’s why by working with us we can help you to:

Remain sufficiently agile

Reacting quickly to a threat landscape and a wealth of intelligence sources, which can change minute by minute, is a time consuming and expensive activity without the appropriate systems, processes, and technologies. Our service does the hard work and provides you with the key intelligence you need to stay ahead.

Evaluate pertinent information

Filtering out the ‘noise’ in order to identify key threat data is difficult. Add to that a lack of effective processes or a lack of skills to validate and add context to the threat data and the potential threat becomes impossible to see. Our dedicated experts understand how to prioritise and validate the threats that really matter.

Overcome a skills shortage

There is a global shortage of cyber security talent, and finding people who possess the blend of experience, the inquisitive mind set, and the technical skillsets to allow proactive threat hunting is a challenge. By working with us, we can give you the benefit of our global expertise.

Integrate data sets

Integrating threat intelligence and correlating events across a security estate with a variety of data sets is difficult without the right platform and data. We can help you to do this effectively.