Security Threat Monitoring

Security Threat Monitoring

Protect your organisation

Detect threats to your organisation with professional security threat monitoring from BT.

As a number of high profile attacks remind us, a security breach can happen to anyone, at any time. Defending your organisation against internet-based threats is increasingly complex as internet-hosted malware becomes ever more sophisticated. Failure to adequately protect your business could lead to loss of data, revenue, brand reputation, and customer loyalty.

With operations in over 180 countries supporting some of the world’s largest companies, from financial institutions to pharmaceuticals, we have a unique perspective on cyber crime. We know that an attack can happen anytime.

So we’ve built a team of 2,500 experts who are constantly watching, learning, predicting and responding to threats to protect us and our customers. So you can rely on us to protect you.

Reduce risk, ensure your threat monitoring is professionally managed by BT.

  • Help prevent attacks on your network and protect your commercially sensitive information by allowing our service to collect and analyse security information in real time from across your organisation.
  • Get trends in the latest attacks from our global view – we analyse data across devices, markets and our own customer base to give you the best insight
  • We can tell you what’s really on your network and who’s using it, how to build an incident response process, who’s attacking you and how hard they’re trying, as well as identifying weak spots in your network and how to fix them.
  • Get integrated reporting and better visibility across all the threat services we provide through an online portal.
  • Our 14 Security operations centres are geographically separated for disaster recovery.
  • We take a vendor neutral approach to network monitoring, meaning you can choose security devices from vendors who are right for you.


Effective threat monitoring improves the security of your business.

To improve the threat monitoring of your business, we recommend that you:

  • Make sure you have a tool that applies advanced correlation rules against your network and security logs.
  • Check that you have a resilient data centre and network infrastructure on which to deploy the SIEM (security information and event management) solution.
  • Avoid wasting time dealing with false positives, so that you can respond to the genuine threats.
  • Consider using an external SOC team to manage and monitor your solution—configuring the environment, developing correlation rules, creating reports, and analysing the tickets created by the tool.

How we can help

Managing your threat monitoring in-house can be complex and costly.

We know the key challenges in professionally managing threat monitoring. That’s why by working with us we can help you to:

Maintain a single view of your information

Trying to make sense of the massive volume of data that is generated from security and network devices, and knowing which security tools to deploy to protect and ensure regulatory compliance is an operational challenge. Our solution provides this for you.

Have a skilled team working for you

It can be struggle to recruit and retain security staff with the appropriate skills and understanding to manage all aspects of security around the clock. By working with BT we give you the global expertise 24x7, 365 days a year.

Focus your investments in the places that matter

Many organisations find it difficult to strike the right balance between security and investment costs. Our service will help you identify the key areas of exposure in your infrastructure and the actions necessary to maintain an acceptable risk profile for your business.