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A Skype for Business contact solution that delivers a new customer experience.

Consumers expect a convenient, straightforward and personalised service that gives first time resolution to their problem.

To make this a reality, your contact agents must be able to find and access the experts they need, bring them into the discussion easily, and manage multiple interactions simultaneously.

We call this ‘networking your experts’, and it’s something that BT Cloud Contact Microsoft can help you achieve.

BT Cloud Contact Microsoft is a fully featured contact centre solution that uses your existing Microsoft unified communications infrastructure. As well as offering the traditional contact centre functions that managers, supervisors and agents would expect, Cloud Contact Microsoft extends communications channels (like voice, chat, video, and e-mail) to the contact centre, using the Skype for Business application and infrastructure for all your front and back office communications needs.

With Cloud Contact Microsoft there are no silos between communication types. You’ll have one infrastructure for all your front and back office needs, and a single desktop application (Skype for Business) – making for simpler communications.

It’s not just for contact centres either. Cloud Contact Microsoft can deliver improvements within organisations for contacting central teams such as internal IT helpdesks, mortgage advisors or consultants.

You can tailor the solution to fit your specific requirements, as we offer a choice of options to enhance your Microsoft communications and deliver the results you need.

Deliver a new type of customer service experience:

  • Simple: one platform for all front and back office needs, making cross function communications easy.
  • Seamless: escalate the conversation with the same person, though the same app, to the channel best suited to address needs.
  • Successful: utilise the benefits of unified communications, such as federation, to get first contact resolution.
  • Savings: reduce costs by using the Microsoft client, training and desktop management.

The details

Skype for Business contact solution – simplify communications and connect your experts.

Cloud Contact Microsoft reuses your Skype for Business application and platform for all your communications, providing one platform for all your employees regardless of function. It brings the benefits of UC to customer support, seamlessly escalating chat to voice to video and screen share with the same person - making contact easy and personal.

Customer support is no longer constrained to one company with Cloud Contact Microsoft; experts can be added from partners or agencies to meet complexities or demand without adding them to your estate.

Cloud Contact Microsoft provides traditional contact centre functionality such as skills based routing, reporting, supervisor, wrap up codes and recording, as well as:

  • Changing channels without changing contact.
  • A multi-channel switchboard.
  • Enhanced presence options, for boss/admin but also for front vs back office operations.
  • Multi-channel response groups ensuring optimum availability and utilisation of resources.
  • Improved operations for business to business models.
  • Integration with CRM / WFM apps.

Simplify your communications and connect your experts for an enhanced customer experience.

  • Maximises investments by using the Microsoft Skype for Business application and infrastructure.
  • Simplifies and personalises contact with web enabled endpoints, escalating chat - to voice - to video, plus screen share.

Creates a network of experts for first contact resolution, and offers overspill for agents and network-in partners without having to add them to your estate.


Reliable, resilient platforms with global reach

For coverage and resilience, we have paired, geographically separated data centres in each of Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.



BT Cloud Contact Microsoft

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Network your experts for an enhanced customer experience.