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BT Federal - serving the critical needs of the US Government.

BT Federal was created to serve the critical needs of the US Federal Government.

We are a US-based company, headquartered in Reston, VA, and independent from BT. We leverage the broad capabilities of BT’s full range of products, services, experience, and global reach to meet customers expanded telecommunication and support requirements. BT Federal was formed more than 15 years ago through BT’s purchase of Control Data Systems, a leading mainframe and IT services provider to the US Government. We have built on that foundation of exceptional technology and service to create a company that continues to be dedicated to meeting the security and contracting requirements through the US Government.

We stand out in this market

We were built to serve all the needs of US Government customers. We deliver exceptional global telecommunications, cyber security, and advanced IT networking solutions. It is our singularity of purpose that makes us trusted advisors for mission critical networks and IT services.

We have unique partnerships with other industry leaders, like Cisco, Microsoft, and Avaya. This means we can deliver fully integrated solutions that work with the technology you already have.

We are always innovating, bringing to market new advanced capabilities in cloud services, cyber security, converged networks, and data center management – and more.

However, it’s our partnership with BT that really makes us stand out from our competition. No one else can give the US Government:

  • access to the largest, most reliable, and highest-rated global telecom services capabilities in the world, as acknowledged by (Gartner)
  • BT’s worldwide resources and experience on national security issues
  • the only non-US telecom operator able to meet the US Government’s long-term global security needs
  • 110,000 staff, in nearly 200 countries – often in places other companies can’t or won’t operate 
  • a global partner with a true international portfolio.

And because we’re a US company, but a partner of BT, we have a unique combination of local knowledge and global expertise. So our customers get great solutions that are developed for the US market, but are backed up and improved by our global experience.

Our capabilities

We design, deliver, and manage exceptional global telecommunications, cyber security, and advanced IT networking solutions for the US Government and its agencies all over the world. As a trusted partner, we securely link people, information, processes and technology to make government agencies more productive and enable mission success.

We are a leading systems integrator for network services around the world. We leverage BT’s portfolio to deliver world-class solutions and managed services, including:

  • secure wire line and mobile connectivity, particularly to remote or difficult locations outside the US
  • global VPN and WAN, especially high-speed and high-capacity networks
  • network management, cloud, and data recovery/continuity
  • managed security services for cyber security and surveillance
  • global converged connectivity and classified professional services.

Our vast global reach means we’re fast and responsive, and can give you clear solutions for all your networking needs. It also means we’re already where you need to be with extensive local knowledge, so we can deliver services where others can’t or won’t go.

Our MPLS backbone is fully redundant, with two completely separate circuits running to two physically separate hardware environments at every terminus point. This commitment to resiliency means we stay fully operational during major national emergencies, as we did during Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

We have a dedicated Secure Network Operations Center (SNOC) for our US Government customers, which integrates with BT’s network of 29 NOCs and five Security Operations Centers (SOCs) around the world.

And our teams around the world speak the local language and operate to ITILv3 standards. We use four global customer service hubs and 22 satellite centers to provide worldwide customer service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our experience and awards

We work with the US Federal Government, the defense community, government agencies, healthcare IT providers, system integrators and – through our partner BT – NATO, the UK National Health Service, and the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD).

Did you know…

  • We operate the largest VPN in Europe for the UK MoD.
  • The Defense Fixed Telecommunications Service (DFTS) covers 970 sites and more than 282,000 users. It handles at least 48 million gateway emails, nine million network calls, 140,000 emergency operator calls, and three million operator assisted calls per year.
  • With DFTS, we have saved the UK MoD more than a $1bn since its launch in 1997 by reducing the number of networks, gaining economies of scale and scope, and implementing converged networks and unified communications.

BT is recognized as a leader by industry analysts…

  • BT is the leader of leaders in Gartner’s Global Network Service Providers Magic Quadrant.
  • For five consecutive years we have been a market leader in Gartner’s Communications Outsourcing and Professional Services Magic Quadrant.
  • In 2014, IDC ranked us number one in its Worldwide Telecom Service Provider Vendor Assessment, our fourth year in a row ranked as number one.
  • We won the Carrier’s World 2015 Telecoms Innovation award.

Our future – together

We understand that the challenges and needs of the US Government are always changing. Today they range from increasing cyber threats to the move to cloud services and converged networks. But tomorrow will bring something new. We want to help you prepare for the future and turn these challenges into opportunities, opportunities to:

  • improve citizen services
  • increase organizational efficiency
  • reduce overall costs.

We’re a natural global partner for the US Government. From a common language and business practices, to network reach and proven security, we’ll take you further – faster.

And at the heart of it all is our network. We build, operate, nurture, advance, and protect our network 24 hours a day, every day.

We  never stop investing in our solutions to meet new challenges. We spent more than $7.5bn in research and development over the last five years. We aggressively developed our cyber security portfolio, and adopted new business models like ‘on-demand’ pay-as-you-go services and cloud-delivered solutions to better meet the needs of our customers and how they want to adopt new solutions. To learn more download our Innovation fact sheet.

We want to be your trusted partner, to help you succeed now and in the future.