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A unified dashboard for all your billing and cloud management tools

View your multiple cloud management tools and billing through a single pane of glass.


You may be feeling overwhelmed with the raft of cloud capabilities on offer and how complicated hybrid cloud solutions seem to be.

In fact, a 100% migration of your existing infrastructure into the cloud probably isn't feasible. 

What if there were cloud management tools that allowed you to seamlessly migrate and manage workloads and get consistent control and governance of your IT services?

When you work with us, you're supported by experts, resources, and proven blueprints, so you can develop a solution that meets your unique needs across network, cloud, IT and security. We can share lessons learned from managing countless cloud implementations in various operating environments around the world. 

Our unified dashboard brings together your multiple cloud management, tools and billing into a consolidated view. With the right information and expertise, you can successfully move forward with repeatable, scalable solutions, creating business value as you go.

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The growth in cloud-based applications is one of the most significant changes in recent times.

This has been driven by the move to cloud-based services, such as Microsoft O365 and Salesforce and the availability of low cost storage services, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The internet doesn’t always provide the connectivity you need to these important services. It needs to be a secure, reliable, high performance connection, so we offer connectivity to cloud providers from our MPLS network. We already have connections to Microsoft, AWS, Salesforce, DXC technology, Oracle, IBM and Google. We can provide you high performance, secure connections to these services from your BT network in a few days.

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Our Compute Hybrid Managed Services remove the headache of globally managing different public and private clouds across your business using a consistent set of services.

Delivered through our global service organisation, you can wrap the following infrastructure:

  • traditional management of private and public cloud platforms
  • infrastructure applications
  • data
  • security
  • network.

You can leverage our skills, global scale and capabilities and use our Compute Management System as a single portal to get consistent control and governance of your IT services. You can also seamlessly migrate and manage workloads using our professional services transformation tools.

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