BT for Insurance

Streamlining processes and addressing challenges


Driving business growth through high-performing global communications

Drive business growth in a competitive insurance market and develop global communications to streamline processes, resolve the challenges of legacy systems and reduce costs.

Today’s insurance market is undergoing transformational change resulting in new business models and increased competition. Insurers are having to adapt to focus on increased customer choice, the rise of comparison sites and commoditised products as well as building on their analytical capacity. They must comply with regulations whilst remaining nimble enough to take advantages of emerging opportunities.

With over 30 years experience delivering cost-effective and efficient global communications networks for some of the key players in the insurance industry, we can help you find new solutions to meet these rising demands. Giving you the competitive edge both today and for the future.

As the industry becomes globalised, insurance companies need to find new ways to embrace the changes, despite incumbent legacy systems. We are helping to drive innovation in customer communications and efficient interaction, with industry leading solutions such as our multi-media contact centre solutions, incorporating web chat, video and self-service options. With less investment in infrastructure and overheads we can help your business grow.

Communicating effectively in a multichannel environment

With greater emphasis on brand loyalty, developing intuitive customer journeys have become integral to business success. See how we can transform your business through collaborative networking.

Improving your bottom line

Faced with increasingly rigorous expectations from sector regulators, insurance companies globally are trying to increase cost efficiency and boost income by outsourcing their operational functions. See how we can help you boost staff efficiency and achieve your stunning business outcomes

Securing your network, protecting your assets

Technological advancements are transforming the way we live and work, however new threats are emerging across the market. See how we can help you secure your business.

Extending your operations globally

Globalisation offers insurers the opportunity to take their successful products to their customers overseas. See how we can support your global network expansion.



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